Director of Staff Development (DSD) Certificate       of completion On Line Course for RN's & LVN's
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  * Provider Approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing Provider #15948 for 24 Contact Hours



IAL: Nurse at California State Department of Corrections "Good day my name is Dee; I’m a LVN I went to the California Board of Registered Nursing website to locate a Director of Staff Development (DSD) provider course. I happen to taken notice in Joshua Tree Private School © provider number #15948. After reviewing the website, I called Joshua Tree Private School, the RN course instructor was welcoming and very knowledgeable. The instructor gave me their personal cellphone number and gave me permission to call it with any questions. I began day one of the class after completing day one of the course I gained so much knowledge. This course not only covers the California State laws and regulations but, covers the federal laws and regulations for operating a nursing assistant training program. The course has this information broken down and collated so well that anyone that is seriously interested in learning how to teach a nursing assistant program or even become a DSD in a skilled nursing facility. Will get a full comprehension on what is required both locally and federally. If I had to rate The Joshua Tree Private School, without a doubt I’d rate it a 10 out of 10. I highly recommend this program and I will be telling my peers about this program. If you're planning on opening up a nursing assistant training program, I would highly recommend taking this class"
The instructors at Joshua Tree Private School © are Registered Nurses in California with over 30 years of experience . Our instructors have Approval for Director of Staff Development Instructor by the State of California Health and Human Services Agency Department of Health Services since 1994. Our instructors have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree . Joshua Tree Private School © is "old school" and believes in having a personal connection with our students.