The MDS course instruction is provided by a Registered Nurse licensed in the state of California who has Approval for Director of Staff Development/ Instructor through the State of California Health and Human Services Agency Department of Health Services and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree . The provider is "old school" and believes in having a personal connection with  students

Minimum Data Set (MDS) Certificate               On Line Course                          
For: RN's and LVN's
Unique Offer: Unique Offer $99 
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Participants will be provided with:
1) A link to a FREE Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Training  online course
2) A link to a FREE Targeted Covid-19 Training Course for Frontline Nursing Home Staff

Minimum Data Set (MDS) Online Training Only $99!

Minimum Data Set (MDS) training

The primary tool for Minimum Data Set (MDS)  is the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) User's Manual. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) also offers online MDS training on topics that include the MDS schedule; item-by-item guidance for completing assessments; and resident assessment protocols, corrections and the prospective payment program for Medicare skilled nursing facilities

The CMS.GOV  webpage is the only official site where the Minimum Data Set (MDS)  training materials are posted